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Mystery of Sex Pill Explained: A Case for Male Extra and VigRx Plus Pills for Sex

Description: Do sex pills work? This guide provide great answers to help you, showing how certain sex tablets promotes amazing erection, mind blowing performances and enhancing male libido

Sex Pills for Better erection and staminaIf you look up male extra pills on the web you’re going to find a lot of them being sold on the Internet, and along with penis extenders and extensions, make up the male enhancement industry.

The majority of men want to see and get their dick big, and the demand has led to an increase in supply.

If you have never bought one, deciding what to buy pills for sex can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, but ask any man who has tried these pills for a length of time, and they will recommend the premium sex pills such as VigRx Plus and Male Extra.

What is a Sex Pill?

These dick pills or tablets look just like regular pills, but the difference is they have been specially formulated to provide enhancements to a man’s sexual performance.

The kind of enhancements these special formulated tablets/capsules (many men prefer to call them ed drugs because they help treat erectile dysfunctions as well) provide varies, but these include treating erectile issues, attain more powerful orgasms, prevent premature ejaculation, and get a bigger penis and so on.

Many of these are over the counter erection pills, meaning you can buy them in stores or more likely online without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

One of the problems with ED pills in the past was you needed permission from a doctor to buy and use these pills. Getting a sex pill from a doctor takes a lot of time as you have to undergo tests, answer embarrassing questions and go through numerous tests.

It is understandable therefore, why a lot of men didn’t want to try sex pills before because it would just cause embarrassment and more of a hassle than anything else.

Now however, erectile dysfunction remedies can be bought online without getting clearance from your doctor.

Do penis pills work?

In the case of VigRx Plus and Male Extra, the answer is yes, as they have proven to work time and again, plus there is scientific evidence to prove they work. So if you are looking for penis enlargement pills that work then these two are the ones you should consider.

Before we take a look at those two however, it is important you learn why the penis enlargement pill has become so popular and what you can gain from it.

The Importance of Sex Pills to Men

There are many reasons why these pills have become so huge, but mainly it’s because it helps increase libido and allows them to have a big erection and sustain it. A lot of these pills are now sold online and can be bought in private.

This is another benefit that men want to avail of because it can be embarrassing to talk about this situation with a doctor. As it is a lot of guys have problems admitting to themselves they have trouble trying to maintain erection, let alone admit it to a stranger.

In other words it is these pills that provide men with a hard erection and allow them to last longer in bed. It is true there are a lot of other ways to extend your penis, but when it’s all said and done, penis erection is much easier to attain with pills.

Consider surgery for example: that is one way to get a longer penis, but it’s expensive and beyond the reach of most. Second, there are risks associated with the procedure and if the operation goes wrong, there’s nothing much you can do.

And the fact is the best penis enlargement pills can produce results that are as good as surgery anyway so there’s no point.

Then there are penis exercises like jelqiing and Kegel. These are free and therefore cheaper than sex tablets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. While sex exercises are free, you’ve got to perform the routines exactly as directed, and some of the techniques can scare off a first time user.

And even if you do the routines, it’s going to take a long time before you see any improvement. With male enhancement pills there will be improvements in just a few weeks, whereas with exercises it’s going to take several months or longer.

That should not come as a surprise because just as it takes months and years for your muscles to grow when you work out in the gym, the same rule applies for penis exercises.

Now that you know why erection pills are important to men, let’s take a look at the different types and why men use them.

Types of Sex Pills and 7 Major Reasons Men Use Them

Since these pills became a popular type of ED treatment, companies have begun churning them out in different types and formulas. The best sex pills are those that are sold online without the need for prescription.

There are still prescription based pills sold today, but they are not ideal as it requires a visit to the doctor and you have to undergo examinations and tests.

The natural and premium sex pills like VigRx and Male Extra can be purchased online and used immediately.

Here are the reasons why it pays to use these pills.

  • To Gain a Solid Erection

The best male enhancement pills will give you a harder erection. As men grow older, it gets harder and harder to sustain an erection or even get one. This problem is not unique to older men, as even young guys can suffer from ED due to stress and other causes. Whatever the cause may be, these pills can be of help and allow you to get an erection like you used to, and in many cases have bigger ones.

  • Sustain an Erection

Penis growth pills are also known for helping men sustain erections. Erectile dysfunction comes in many forms, and one of them is the inability to sustain an erect penis. This is different from cases of men who are unable to have an erection at all. In this case a man can get an erection but isn’t able to keep it up for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause may be, these pills can help provided you take them accordingly.

  • Increase Sperm Count

A sex tablet can also increase your sperm count and semen volume, but not all pills and tablets can do this, however, so you should check first if the pill specifically states that it will increase sperm count and / or semen volume. You can expect this in most advanced pills but not in cheaper products, so pay attention to what is stated in the description.

  • Achieve More Powerful Orgasms

One of the more obvious reasons why men take a sexpill is to increase the power of their orgasms. Aside from having trouble sustaining an erection, there are also mean who have trouble reaching orgasms or when they do, it isn’t as intense as it used to be.

Just like with ED, there are many possible reasons why this can happen but the bottom line is that when you take a high quality pill, expect more intense orgasms with these pills.

  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Sex enhancement pills are also capable of preventing premature ejaculation and increase stamina. A common complaint among older men –and even younger men- is ejaculating too soon, causing frustration for himself and his partner.

One of the benefits of using these pills is it will definitely help prolong your lovemaking sessions and extend your pleasure.

It’s true there are some exercises that can prolong sex and prevent early ejaculation, but that’s going to take a while, not to mention you have to perform the routines properly to get any benefits. Given these facts, it’s easy to recommend pills over penile exercises alone. However, the two can work together as indicated below.

  • Get a Bigger Penis

If you have ever done any research on how to maintain an erection, one of the claims you will see often made by these products is they can make your penis longer and bigger.

It should be stressed that not all pills are capable of doing this. If there are pills for sex that make this claim, look for any clinical studies that can back this claim up before believing it.

There are a lot of pills in the market today, but when it comes to the best sex pill the following, Male Extra and VigRx Plus, are the cream of the crop.

Why Male Extra and VigRx Plus are the Market Leaders

  • VigRX Plus

The Vigrx Plus ingredients have been specially selected so it can provide specific benefits such as improving sexual performance, enhance libido, extend your bedroom performance and have stronger erections.

If you use Vigrx Plus UK with exercises, your penis will be longer and bigger. Furthermore you don’t have to worry about Vigrx Plus side effects provided you take them as directed.

However you don’t have to simply take the company’s word for it, because there are clinical studies proving it works.

A random clinical study was done by the Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD involving 75 men aged from 25 to 50, and they were given 2 VigRx Plus tablets a day for 84 days.

After taking Vigrxplus for the said period, results showed the men had a 62.82% increase in their ability to sustain an erection, and the participants also reported a 58.97% boost in penetration and a 22.49% increase in terms of orgasm quality and frequency.

What makes these enhancement pills different from the rest is the significant increase in terms of sexual satisfaction, with all respondents noting at least a 71.43% boost.

The extensive study also noted that these sex capsules increases sexual desire and drive by at least 47% and overall, the sexual satisfaction goes up by 61.00%.

The research was triple blind and placebo controlled, eliminating any possibility the results were fraudulent or by accident.

  • Male Extra

Maleextra is another male enhancement pill that’s as effective as VigRx Plus. During an extensive study on the effects of these big dick pills, results showed that over a period of a few months, Male Extra increases the length of your penis by 0.8 to 2.6 inches within 3 to 6 months.

Aside from giving you a longer penis, this will also enhance your sexual drive, provide superior control over your ejaculation, leading to more pleasurable orgasms.

These are considered among the best erection pills today because they not only enhance your erection but also prolongs intercourse, meaning you and your partner won’t be left hanging. You just need to take 3 pills of these daily and you will notice the difference in just a few months.

Male Extra comes with a lot of ingredients, and among the most important are niacin and pomegranate, as these two have been clinically proven to enhance erection and make it harder than before.

Furthermore, these pills were formulated specifically to maintain the mucous membranesfunctions as well as make you more resistant to fatigue and tiredness.

This sex medicine for men has also been optimized so you can expect quick results, and there’s a money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the results you will get a full refund.

The company behind this product has also been in the industry for more than 15 years, testament to how good it is. Second, the company offers 24/7 support for customers in case there are concerns on your part.

As to which one of these sexual enhancement pills to take, it really is a matter of personal preference, and you really cannot go wrong with either one.

When you look for these sex male pills, you have to check out the ingredients, reputation and if there are any clinical studies supporting their claims. Unless there is evidence to support these there’s no point even considering them.

That is where VigRx Plus and Male Extra are worlds apart from the rest. Both of these products have been thoroughly tested and they don’t rely solely on the claims and advertisements. With these you can rest assured knowing that the products are for real and provide genuine benefits. In other words, this is money well spent and within a few weeks you will see the difference.


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