How To Increase Penis Size: A pastime of the ancient man and modern man intense desire for penile enlargement & long lasting erections

Description: This article explains in detail why men have this inherent need to have a bigger penis. It outlines the numerous benefits of penile enlargement.

Penile Size Increase Tips

Many men are pressured to perform sexually and while this might sound unfair, it is biologically needed by the human species.

This is the reason why penis size increase is an important part of manhood. Most men believe their sexual performance is dependent mainly on the size of their organ.

This article is for men who think they are running out of time in their pursuit for a bigger dick.

Having a micro penile disorder does not only have personal repercussions to the man but it also affects other people, like his wife, who feels bad not being sexually fulfilled by her husband.

It can ruin relationships and often times it leads to marital discontent. This breeds a lot of more problems like your wife being attracted and drawn into men who have bigger penises.

Often times it is too late for many guys as they find out their partners are enjoying sex from another who can satisfy her more.

A small penis size can also have a deep psychological impact to men which in turn eats on his desire for sex.

This is the logic behind the scenario of men who have big dicks and having more sex because they want more of it and their partners are also eager to give it to them.

On the other hand, guys who are not gifted with a bigger organ are wallowing in self-pity, depression, and bouts of anxiety. All these negative thoughts kills their appetite for sex and women are turned off by their lack of libido.

So you can now why the craze for penis size increase is never going to go away?

The Primitive Inclination for increase the size of penis & sexual satisfaction

The truth is that wanting and needing a bigger penis is an age-old desire for men.

The earliest males in the world have already striven for bigger penis to have more children, to be known as someone who can reproduce more offspring, to grow a bigger family and be a very fertile partner in procreation.

A bigger dick ensures higher libido and this defines manhood even among our Paleolithic fathers, and up to this day. Little has changed today – every modern man wants to impregnate his wife, or to perform sexually all the time, not just for self-pleasure but to also make sure his wife is happy.

The Vikings were one of the most ruthless warriors of their time. They were are not afraid to die but they have a preoccupation of penis size.

In fact the size of their penis is an extension of their identity in their society.

The bigger penis they have, the better social status they can have in the community. Plus they must be able to back up their penile size with an equally strong sex drive. Their virility is one of the most important aspects of their manhood.

Again, little has changed today. Although the society today is more forgiving or silent about penis size and libido, secretly these are still important to men and also — many women.

Ancient men wore less clothing and that fact led scientists to believe that penis size was an important key to the natural selection of humans in the early times. Mating selection was driven by the size of the penis of a man.

The early women of the world chose to mate only with men with huge penises.

How men achieved penis size increase 100s years ago

Ancient Men Sexual Penile Size

Granted that in the dawn of the human species penis size was already a mating decision factor, what were the penile enlargement options pursued before to improve the odds of males in that era?

  • The early man used penis weights

The Cholomecs of Peru, Indian Sadhus, and some tribes in Africa use penis weights to ensure their members will be longer.

This technique worked, too well actually to their own demise because although their penises did get longer, the girth or thickness of their penis remained the same making it looked like a glorified noodle.

  • Topinama of Brazil

In the 16th century, the Topinama of Brazil would let poisonous snakes bite their penis to make it swell tremendously.

This is painful of course but the enlargement as a result of the bite is worth every sensation of pain.

The poison of the snake they use lasts for 6 months and so they have 180 days to give their partners a satisfying sex, while they bore the pains! They believe that the venom of the snake has penile enlargement ingredients.

  • Eating a severed penis

Eating a severed penis is also practiced in the early days of man. Men would eat the castrated penises of their slaves, together with the scrotum and testicles too. Now that is just bizarre.

  • The early Arabs and Jelqing

The early Arabs were the first to introduce the technique called jelqing, or the massaging of the penis or “milking” it regularly.

The massaging of the penis is believed to increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa (spongy tissue inside the penis’ shaft) to draw in more blood thereby increasing size overtime.

This ancient practice is still done today, but with more science and studies backing it up. The exercises are also more refined now.

The Arabs were the first ones to believe that pennis size increase naturally when it is conditioned properly with the right massaging techniques.

  • Herbal aphrodisiacs

Herbal aphrodisiacs are also part of the long history of penis enlargement. Taking Yohimba and Ginseng has been around since time immemorial. This is a proven method by the Chinese people.

It does not only increase penis size and provide for stronger erection, it also helps in boosting sexual appetite.

These medicinal herbs are considered natural penile enlargement foods. Like the present practice, it has been used with other penis enlargement techniques like jelqing.

Although you will not see men today offering their dicks to poisonous snakes or eat a human penis, you can read online that many are into jelqing and consuming penis supplements they believe can give them better odds of having a bigger penis.

Practices that have stood the test of time must have given results because many are still into it today after thousands of years.

Why Men Today are Still Craving for Penile Size Enlargement

Men are now fully clothed today but why is it that man is still crazy about their penis size? Even with the new norms of society men are still looking for ways to make sure that their penises are praiseworthy.

The answer lies in a few penile cases men are struggling with today.

Let me present three instances where penis size increase might be warranted today and what could be the possible solutions for each case.

  • Men with micro penile syndrome

There are some unfortunate guys that are suffering from a condition called micro penis. This condition points to men with tiny penises that may only reach a length of up to 3 inches when fully erect.

This is a medical condition that is caused by the androgenic abnormalities like testicular dysgenesis, Klinefelter syndrome, Leydig cell hypoplasia, or testosterone problems.

The micro-penis is a huge struggle for those who have it. Among all penis problems, this is simply one of the worst. But is there something that can be done about it? The answer is yes.

The first possible micro penile syndrome treatment would be to go under the knife.

A surgery can help in some cases but for a majority of men who underwent a penile enlargement augmentation, the result was unsatisfactory and the penile enlargement surgery cost can be very high adding to the issues with this medical solution.

This condition can be so damaging that many men who have it considered suicide, some of them succeeded in this plan.

But there are penile enlargement home remedies that may be more effective than invasive procedures.

One of which is the use of a penis extender.

These devices have come a long way already with doctors beginning to believe its efficacy in extending the length of the penis.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study about penis extenders and found out that the device did add length to the penis.

The penis extender can also be complimented with the taking of penile enlargement pills that can help the body provide for the growth push for the underdeveloped penis.

  • Men with less than average size penises (5-6 inches)

There are guys who are almost “there” in the ideal penis size but seem cannot shake the idea that they are still short of their desired size. These men cannot stop thinking about penis size increase; extending their length and widening their girth just a little bit more.

The solution in this case can be in the form of penile enlargement devices like a penis extender, especially the premium ones like Sizegenetics device. These can be pricey but if you can afford it the investment will be worth it.

The penis extender must be complimented with some penis exercises which can improve the girth of the penis. Together with the flaccid gains from the extender the penis can definitely increase it all-around size.

Another approach would be to use a penis pump, preferably the premium ones that is water assisted to better produce a size increase. When this is complimented with pills and pennis size increase exercise the effects can be maximized in a very short period of time.

  • Men with long penis but without enough girth

These men have the ideal penis length but while that may be enough for some, most men who have long dicks would love to have an increase in the girth of their penises.

Fattening the girth allows a long penis to look huge, a very good advantage in bed. What can guys suffering from long but thin penises do?

The first option available to them would be a penis extender. Some penis extenders are designed to also fatten the girth. This does two things – first it adds in more length and second, it allows the penis to increase its thickness overtime.

The result is a bigger penis that should satisfy any woman in bed. This must be complimented with the right exercise.

Increase pennis size by exercise means making sure that the penis expands its capacity to take in more blood so that when erection kicks in, the penis can be engorged properly.

What you get is a strong erection plus the ability to increase penis size in time.

Increase Cock at home
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Other Benefits of Successful Penis Size Increase

The penis size issues presented in this article are indeed common, much more common than many are led to believe. The pursuit for bigger penis continues on and this is not without reason. Men simply want to believe that they have a huge cock because this breeds their manliness.

This encourages them to perform sexually. Without this psychological security they will have a hard time hooking up with women, or worst yet, satisfying their partners.

Even with a penile enlargement implant, unless a man is convinced he has a big cock he will never be happy and content.

While previous studies have shown that size does not matter, present studies refute these claims and more studies are underway that proves that penile size is important both to men who wields it, and women who will be pleasured by it.

The effects of the solutions presented above to address micropenis, below average penis size, and long penis without the thickness do not stop at the obvious problem. It goes on to provide men with the ability to have erection on demand.

One of best things in the world is to have a huge erection when you need it – it allows for personal sexual gratification and your partner is also satisfied. The devices presented above also allows for a libido boost, something that is above and beyond penis size.

What use is a strong erection when you cannot keep at it for a longer period of time? What use is a penile enlargement girth if you do not have the appetite for sex? Increased penile size must go hand in hand with high sex drive to fully enjoy the joys of sex.

On top of all these advantages, there are the psychological and emotional effects of ideal penis size. Penile enlargement clinical trials have seen the changes in men who believe their penis size appreciated even just a little bit. They tend to be more happy and content with life.

What’s more is that they get to have more sex. The manly boldness they have is very attractive to women. This gives them access to more women who would want to go to bed with them. This in turn breeds in more self-confidence.

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