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Does Penis Enlarger Work? Vital Truths About Penile Enlargement Aids

Description: Uncover the truth about penis enlargement aids in this in depth article.

Penis extensions or enlargers are general terms used for a wide array of devices, pills and methods for extending the length and / or girth of the penis.

This is a billion dollar industry as men are now taking advantage of the privacy features provided by the Internet so they can order these products online without fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

Not only are there are a wide array of penis enhancement products online, but they come in different forms and shapes, and they are affordable too.

And Why Do Men Want to Be Bigger?

Knowing how to maintain an erection is one thing, but having a bigger, harder penis is another, and there’s no question that most men want a larger dick.

According to this study the average penis is 5.2 inches long and 4.6 inches in circumference when erect. You may have also heard the saying that size doesn’t matter because as long as you know how to use your cock you can satisfy any woman.

But a lot of men with average length penises are not satisfied and want something bigger and there are many reasons for this.

For one thing, a study conducted by the Australian National University shows that women find men with large penises more attractive.

But even without this study, any man who has studied how to make your dick bigger without pills knows that women want guys with bigger dicks because it makes for more satisfying sex.

Second, a bigger penis helps a man overcome whatever insecurities he may have concerning his sexual performance.

It is an established fact that a lot of erectile dysfunction cases are psychological in nature, and often this is due to a man’s inability to get over how small his cock is. By using a penis extension this shortcoming can be overcome by getting a bigger, longer penis.

It’s also worth noting that these penis enhancement devices can do more than just increase penis length. Some of them can increase penis girth too, and that’s something women find attractive.

In addition, these extenders and extensions can resolve problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

It’s not easy for men to go to doctors and talk about these problems as they’re personal, and with these extenders you can resolve the problem in the privacy of your home and without spending any money on prescription fees.

In other words, a longer, bigger penis is a symbol of masculinity and does wonders for a man’s self-confidence and his ability to please a woman. Seeing another man with a bigger penis can affect him psychologically, so these enhancements help.

Does Penis Enlarger Work? What Some Experts Have To Say

In the past, the idea that a cock extension can increase your penis length was dismissed by scientists and researchers. There are still a few scientists who doubt they work at all. Michael O’Leary, MD, professor of urologic surgery at Harvard Medical School is one of those who has doubts about whether these penis enlargers actually work.

That being said there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that penis enhancements do work, and these are based on scientific and medical data. Dr. Steven Lamm for instance, has stated that VigRX Plus is an effective penis length pill and it does work.

There has been no shortage of claims that these products work, but it’s only now that people in the medical and scientific community confirm that penis stretching and other methods are actually effective.

The highly respected Live Science for instance, has published on its website an article that penis traction devices actually work.

During a study involving several patients that used penis traction devices, it was revealed that the participants gained more than an inch, proving that the method works. This only goes to show that if you want to learn how to make penis longer you can do with traction devices.

But that is not the only option as there are a lot more available. These include pills, creams, lotions, clamps, cock rings, pumps, and even surgery.

If you are trying to figure out how to get harder erections you are probably wondering how many of these methods are effective.

Let’s start with surgery: during the surgical process, your penis’ shaft is loosened a little from the base, and this has the effect of making your cock longer.

This procedure isn’t going to affect your ability to have an erection, and if you want to know how to make your penis bigger without pills then surgery is an option.

The problem with this method is its too expensive, as an operation can cost thousands of dollars, and you have to make sure the surgeon is qualified, otherwise there could be infections.

But even if the operation were successful and your penis stretches by a significant margin, it will sag down a bit, and for a lot of guys that may be unacceptable.

There are other options like penis pumps, which create a vacuum that stimulate blood flow into your penis. This method can be effective, but it takes a lot of time and depends largely on what type of pump you use.

You will also see plenty of creams and lotions that claim to make your penis bigger, but they don’t always work as advertised as some of them simply are not effective.

There are also some products that are said to work best with penis exercises, but again this is going to take a lot of time and is just not worth it. There are more effective and safer methods you can use.

What are the SAFEST and MORE Effective Penis Enlargers?

Since you’re learning how to get a harder erection it’s going to be vital that you learn which ones are safe and which are not. As was pointed out earlier, surgery has risks, and by all accounts scientific and medical, penis extenders are the safest and most reliable.

Before we discuss why this sex enhancement is considered one of the most effective when it comes to keeping your erection, it must be stressed that not all penile extenders are potent.

In fact, many of the cock extenders sold today are uncomfortable and don’t produce the results they promise.

So why are these cock extensions effective? There are many kinds of extenders, but the best ones are manufactured following a rigid process, and one that adheres to the latest scientific facts concerning penis enlargements.

One of the major criticisms with penis enlargement creams and lotions is they don’t offer any evidence for how their product works and expect you to simply take their word for it.

With extenders it’s a different story because they operate on sound scientific principles that are not only effective but are safe. As indicated earlier, there is evidence indicating that penis enlargers do work, but what exactly is the process?

Essentially what these extenders do is stimulate the cells in your penis to reproduce, similar to what happens with your muscles when you lift heavy weights.

Instead of weights, the trigger for the development of extra cells and tissues is the stretching that your penis undergoes. Again, with a well-designed extender, there won’t be any discomfort felt, only a bit of tension, and this will trigger the production of extra cells so more tissues appear, increasing the length of your penis in the process.

At the same time this is happening, the blood flow in your body is enhanced so when you have an erection, more of it ends up in your penis. The more blood is in your penis, the bigger and harder your erections will be.

If you’re interested in using one of these to maintain erection and get a bigger penis, you’re going to have make certain the extender has been clinically tested and proven to work. Just because it is called an extender doesn’t mean it works the way it claims to.

When researching these products, pay close attention to the stretching method. The more stretching that is required the more uncomfortable it will be for your penis as this could lead to bruising or even damage the nerves.

It’s very easy for poorly made extenders to claim this or that when in fact their product has never been subjected to any tests or trials.

As a consumer you need to look beyond the flashy websites and check the facts. Look for sections that explain how the product works, what you can do with it, testimonials, support from doctors and other details. Do not buy an extender that isn’t upfront about the technology and science behind their product, as it says a lot about the quality of enhancer.

If you want a good penis traction device it is best to look get one like Sizegenetics as it has the approval of medical experts and people from the medical community. When you go shopping for one of these extenders, buy from the official source so you don’t end up with a fake.

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